Who is and was and Came!

Once again I created a study that hopefully clarifies a misunderstanding in Scripture.  I love finding seemingly scary passages and showing that because men teach them incorrectly, they are actually very positive.  Fortunately I get to do this a lot as a lot of men use the worng tules too ficks there injuns.  (hey, did you catch that?  Huh?  I purposely mispellededd the words to make a point)  This study is about how Yeshua fulfilled all Bible Prophecies in the past. I dare you to join me in this.  Let me know if you disagree and give me plenty of verses that prove your point. But I will warn you that my way just might bring a positive hope for the future and peace and a complete Kingdom.  But hey, to each his own!  Enjoy!  Click the colored link below.

Who is and was and came back!

Short and Sweet!

Short and Sweet!  I like that when it comes to being reprimanded, preached to and when describing my lovely wife!  None of us prefer “long and drawn out”.  So, I thought I would be short and sweet with this little study on three verses from John.  It’s all about choosing the right word to describe something.  In this case, it’s whether the word is “which” or “who”.

Short and Sweet

Could a spirit pass a test?

Naw! I doubt it since I don’t think they know how to write.  But some Christians believe we should test them.  Is this a proper method for understanding Scripture?  1 John 4:1-3 is mostly mishandled and should be easily understood if the proper tools for interpreting are used.  Know a little about the early Church’s struggle against Gnosticism and Docetism, a little about Greek and some context and you should be able to unravel difficult passages.  So, although this blog is somewhat lengthy, enjoy the read and hopefully it gives you comfort realizing this warning from John isn’t about you. Whew! just click on the colored link below.

1 John 4

I’ve fallen and can’t get up!

Many times it is temping to read a chapter or passage of Scripture dealing with possible punishment and immediately assume that we could also be in-line for the same fate.  But it is so vital to interpret the Bible in a manner that takes into consideration the Authors intent (not intentionality….sorry.  A pet peeve of mine) the audiences understanding of what the Author was trying to communicate and of course the cultural events surrounding the Epistle. Let’s look at why Paul’s warning in 1 Corinthians is not something that we, 2000 years later, are liable to face.  That’s Good news indeed! Just click on the colored link below.

1 cor 10

Waiting on the past to happen…

Time for another 10 minute lesson of why we have the Victory Now!  A short passage from Paul describing things that were to soon take place and were already taking place in the first century.  Paul even calls on the prophets of the Old Covenant and places their future prophecies in his day…not ours!   So we benefit from what they endured.  That’s Good News! Just click the colored link under this.

1Peter 1

101 Time Statements about the 2nd Coming. Past or future?

Some struggle with trying to decipher the “times” we live in.  While many Millennials are checking out of Church, because they have been told repeatedly by this culture that they are the “terminal generation”, there is a wonderful message of hope and a future out there but being buried by the doom and gloom false prophets.

American Church leadership promotes an apocalyptic false message designed to sell more DVD’s and books. If we looked through a different lens, we would easily see the truth.  Here are 101 verses that explain that when Jesus and Disciples, along with the various writers of Scripture, discussed the “time of the end” it wasn’t the “end of the world” but rather the soon coming end of the first covenant. Replaced with the New Covenant that we now live under.  Now that’s Good News!

I did not create this or do the research, I came across this and freely share it.

101 time statements

How can we really ‘know’ the Lord?

Know-the-lord-hebrews-8  Sometimes we all struggle to be understood and whether God understands us.  If Jesus also felt that same frustration when he encountered the religious people of his day and even His own Disciples.

John 14:9  Jesus said to Philip, “Have I been with you so long, and you still do not know me, Philip?..”    John 8:19  Then they said to Him, Where is your father? Jesus answered, You neither know Me, nor My Father. If you had known Me, then you also would have known My Father.

It is the promise we received that we can finally “know” the Lord in a manner never before experienced.  The following study is reveals that Scripture was fulfilled fully when it comes to to Knowing the Lord”.    Thanks for visiting and enjoy. Just click the colored link below.