Steal, Kill and Destroy? Who was the thief? It may surprise you.

We have been taught that pesky wabbit, Satan, was obviously the thief Jesus warned us about.  But, just like Santa and the Easter bunny, they lied to you…again. Click on the link below!

Steal, Kill and destroy chapter


Is Replacement Theology heretical?

Is Replacement Theology heretical

Maybe I’ve been living under a theological rock, but there’s been this debate/argument/accusation/refutation/fleeing/running away from the charge of “Replacement Theology”, as if it is akin to being a Satanist, anarchist or even a heretic.  But as a believer who actually interprets prophecy as being fulfilled, I am used to the label ‘heretic’.  Though the more I think about ‘replacement theology’  the more I realize there may not be a better term to describe the new covenant the Savior won for us.


Me and ‘Bob’ and 1st Corinthians

Bob’s been a friend of mine for years.  I’ve known Bob a long time. Bob’s pretty easy to figure out.  Bob really never studies his Bible.  Bob opens it up once in a while and points to a ‘verse for the day’, or reads whatever Proverb coincides with that day’s date, maybe works through a devotional in his Sunday School class, usually answers questions with “I don’t know what the Bible says but I’ve always believed…”.

Me and Bob

The Spawn of Hymenaeus

I noticed that another prophecy about the ‘second coming’ failed this month.  Hmmm…I’m really surprised that David Meade got it wrong….3 times in a row in as many months.  Since this whole rapture predicting thing has continued to be an epidemic in the Church,  I thought I would look and see how many rapture predictions have failed since I was in school.  Wanna guess how many?

I noticed that another prophecy

My first Book is released!

Here is the Amazon link if you would like to purchase it!  My New really Cool Book

I discuss the parables of Jesus from the book of Mark in the context of a fulfilled Covenant theology.  I think this is one of the freshest yet orthodox views to take and I hope you will enjoy viewing the parables through a completely different set of lenses.  I take a very different approach to explaining these “agricultural motifs” Christ used to explain His coming Kingdom.  I don’t tackle all the parables, only the ones where Jesus mentioned “the kingdom of God is like…”.  It is a short read; only 135 pages but packed with a lot of information.  Click on the link to read more on the Amazon site!  Thanks!


If I be lifted up, I will gently woo?


Some think that simply praising Jesus will bring people into the kingdom. Yep. Just lift up Jesus’ name and He will serenade the lost with a touching rendition of “Kum Ba Yah”. But is that what the text really says?  Join me for a up-close look at several words that really define what Yeshua was saying:  “let me be crucified and I will judge the world”.   Pretty radical sounding huh?  Well, read and decide for yourself!

If I be lifted up

What the Early Church Father believed about the 2nd Coming. Their words.

early preterists

The viewpoint that Jesus’ ‘Second Coming’ was experienced in 70 a.d. is one that is rapidly gaining exposure and positive consideration in the Church.  However, opponents to this orthodox doctrine insist that preterism is a new belief and labeled heretical by modern leaders in the Church who might just have something to lose by allowing this to influence their parishioners.  Whatever the motive behind their resistance, here are 27 pages of quotes by early Christians that expressed their belief that the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 a.d. was actually the ‘Second Coming’ of the Savior.  If you are so inclined to study and make up your own mind, feel free to download and print the following and read over them.  It’s hard to deny that this popular stance has been around since the Church began.  But why haven’t you ever heard of it?  Well, if you want to know more, send me a message and we can start a dialog and I will be glad to answer your questions.

I pulled this information together with the help of Riley O’Brien, the Preterist Archive website, numerous books I own and other great resources.

Just click on the colored link at the top.


25 Reasons (and counting) why the book of Revelation was written before 70 a.d.

25 reasons why The Revelation was written before 70 a.d.

A hot debate has been continuing in the Church as well as Academia as to the date that John’s Apocalypse was penned.  (boxing announcer voice) “In the blue corner, wearing the blue and white shorts with plenty of man-made tradition and still expecting a future return, The Futurist!.  And in the red corner, wearing the red polka dot shorts with plenty of historical evidence and Scripture…The Preterist!”

Ok, so maybe it won’t turn into a brawl, but it is a very passionate topic for some. Here’s 25 reasons to feel confident that the Revelation of Jesus Christ was written before the destruction of Jerusalem.


Can we ‘know the Lord’ Explaining Heb. 8

How to really Know the Lord. explaining Hebrews 8

Some misinterpret Hebrews 8 as being a future fulfillment.  I can see why if I look through the wrong lens of interpretation.  I admit, that phrase; “No one will say ‘Know the Lord’ for all will know Him”, is confusing if you don’t understand Jewish Rabbinic culture, history and their reliance on Torah as a replacement for their relationship with Yahweh.  So, click the blue link above and let’s learn something about Knowledge!