Me and ‘Bob’ and 1st Corinthians

Bob’s been a friend of mine for years.  I’ve known Bob a long time. Bob’s pretty easy to figure out.  Bob really never studies his Bible.  Bob opens it up once in a while and points to a ‘verse for the day’, or reads whatever Proverb coincides with that day’s date, maybe works through a devotional in his Sunday School class, usually answers questions with “I don’t know what the Bible says but I’ve always believed…”.

Me and Bob

The Spawn of Hymenaeus

I noticed that another prophecy about the ‘second coming’ failed this month.  Hmmm…I’m really surprised that David Meade got it wrong….3 times in a row in as many months.  Since this whole rapture predicting thing has continued to be an epidemic in the Church,  I thought I would look and see how many rapture predictions have failed since I was in school.  Wanna guess how many?

I noticed that another prophecy