What the Early Church Fathers believed about the 2nd Coming. Their words.

early preterists

The viewpoint that Jesus’ ‘Second Coming’ was experienced in 70 a.d. is one that is rapidly gaining exposure and positive consideration in the Church.  However, opponents to this orthodox doctrine insist that preterism is a new belief and labeled heretical by modern leaders in the Church who might just have something to lose by allowing this to influence their parishioners.  Whatever the motive behind their resistance, here are 27 pages of quotes by early Christians that expressed their belief that the Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 a.d. was actually the ‘Second Coming’ of the Savior.  If you are so inclined to study and make up your own mind, feel free to download and print the following and read over them.  It’s hard to deny that this popular stance has been around since the Church began.  But why haven’t you ever heard of it?  Well, if you want to know more, send me a message and we can start a dialog and I will be glad to answer your questions.

I pulled this information together with the help of Riley O’Brien, the Preterist Archive website, numerous books I own and other great resources.

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25 Reasons (and counting) why the book of Revelation was written before 70 a.d.

25 reasons why The Revelation was written before 70 a.d.

A hot debate has been continuing in the Church as well as Academia as to the date that John’s Apocalypse was penned.  (boxing announcer voice) “In the blue corner, wearing the blue and white shorts with plenty of man-made tradition and still expecting a future return, The Futurist!.  And in the red corner, wearing the red polka dot shorts with plenty of historical evidence and Scripture…The Preterist!”

Ok, so maybe it won’t turn into a brawl, but it is a very passionate topic for some. Here’s 25 reasons to feel confident that the Revelation of Jesus Christ was written before the destruction of Jerusalem.