Who is and was and Came!

Once again I created a study that hopefully clarifies a misunderstanding in Scripture.  I love finding seemingly scary passages and showing that because men teach them incorrectly, they are actually very positive.  Fortunately I get to do this a lot as a lot of men use the worng tules too ficks there injuns.  (hey, did you catch that?  Huh?  I purposely mispellededd the words to make a point)  This study is about how Yeshua fulfilled all Bible Prophecies in the past. I dare you to join me in this.  Let me know if you disagree and give me plenty of verses that prove your point. But I will warn you that my way just might bring a positive hope for the future and peace and a complete Kingdom.  But hey, to each his own!  Enjoy!  Click the colored link below.

Who is and was and came back!


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